International Patient Guide

We take care of you from the first reference you return home.

At our clinic, a fully trained and experienced consultant works to provide one-stop service 7 days a week to coordinate all your medical, travel, accommodation and leisure time.

Our center for you is provided and assisted by international patient staff;

  • Appointment planning
  • Hospital admissions
  • Transfer and accommodation arrangement
  • Translation services
  • Information on financial transactions
  • Epicrisis report describing the treatment

Fill out the form and share what you want to do with us. After you send us the form, we will share with you the treatment plan we will prepare for you, how much and how much it will cost.

Let’s do the best planned treatment in our clinic. Let’s take you to the conference where your expectations are met and your treatment is completed without any problems.

Treatment Planning

Note: Make your treatment, accommodation and transport plans and send it to us and we will get back to you.